Online Attachment Style Surveys

The objective of this site is to provide up-to-date links to interactive web surveys on adult attachment styles. Each of these interactive questionnaires take less than 10 minutes to complete, and will provide you with immediate feedback on your interpersonal style.

Adult Attachment Style

People differ considerably in how secure or insecure they feel in their close relationships. This 7-minute interactive questionnaire is designed to assess how secure or insecure you feel in your close relationships. When you are finished answering the questions, the program will tell you about your attachment style.

Relational Structures

We do not always relate in the same way to different people in our lives. We might feel insecure with our parents, for example, but secure in our current dating or marital relationships. This 10-minute interactive questionnaire will ask you some questions about the way you relate to five important people in your life, and provide you with feedback on the structure of your mental representations of those relationships.

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